Yard Sale Miracle

by Wendy Merron
(Wayne, PA, USA)

“This morning I’m going to find a leather Ikea chair!”
Becky laughed. “Good luck on that one!”

Becky and I head out to the weekly yard sales most Saturday mornings in the spring and summer. We are “serious” yard salers who start out at 7:30 AM sharp.

As positive people who believe that positive thinking and intention helps us attract what we are looking for, though I tend to believe this more than Becky.

The moment we set foot in the car we blurt out our “positive intention” list.


“I want brand new candles!” are what Becky usually wants.

“Today I intend to buy an Ikea Poang Chair!” I said.

My focus was on getting the perfect chair for office at The Center of Success.

Generally, though, what I enjoy most is bringing home an antique “whatever” for $2, then researching the item on the net when I get home.

My dream is to find a rare document or rare painting. Back in 1989 a collector spent $4 at a Pennsylvania flea market for an ugly painting. He only wanted the frame. When he took the picture out, he found a pristine first printing of the Declaration of Independence. It later sold for $2.4 million at a Sotheby’s auction in 1991.

As I fasten my seatbelt, I take a moment to imagine our office, fully furnished, and looking warm and cozy with a combination of antique and modern furniture.


Around 10:00 AM we stop at a particularly large lovely home. The house is beautifully landscaped, and most of what is still unsold is on the driveway in front of the three car garage.

I’m surprised at how many people are still here, because this sale began at 8:00AM.


As I walk toward the garage I notice a leather Poang Ikea chair at the edge of the driveway. This is the exact chair that I imagined in my mind! Next to the leather chair is a small table which also holds the cash box.

Darn. This must be the chair that the owners are sitting in during the sale, I thought.

The chair is also in pristine condition and doesn’t have a price tag. A yard sale clue that it is not for sale. I walk over to the chair and inspect the leather. Perfect condition. No scratches or marks.

Wouldn’t it be great if they want to sell it, I thought. On a whim I asked the owner if she was planning to sell it.

She surprised me with her response. “Yes. We bought it two weeks ago and it’s just too big for our bedroom.”

Ahh…that explains why it still looks so good. “Do you happen to have the matching footstool?” I ask.

“I’ll get it for you, it’s still in the house.” The owner told me what she wanted for the chair and I handed over the cash. I lugged the chair and footstool over to Becky’s van.

A few minutes later I see Becky. She was smiling and holding an armful of brand new candles she had just purchased. I offer to carry some of the candles to help lighten her load and we head towards the street, ready for the last yard sale of the morning.

As we walk towards her van, Becky spies the chair and matching footstool. Her eyes widen. “You got it! You got your leather Ikea chair! Wow, It looks almost new. I can’t believe that it’s the color you want, too. What did you have to give for it?” she asked.

“$30!” I laughed, as we headed out toward our last yard sale of the morning.

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