With thanks for..

by Dorothy Hester
(Llanharan, South Wales, UK)

1-my healing
2- my health
3- my husband
4- my beautiful mischievous children
5- my mother, her help, time, kindness and the mellowness over the years.
6- my friends, the love they give, the love I bathe them in
7- my well being
8- my ability to make people laugh
9- my ability to empathise
10- my gift of writing
11- my childhood, hard but lessons to learn from nonetheless
12- discovery of self growth
13- growth of harmonious spiritual leaning
14- the sun - glorious on my skin with a cool breeze
15- the rain - smell of wet meadows, sea soothing cleansing
16- wind- blowing away cobwebs in my soul and mind
17- flowers - mariad of colours to appreciate
18- trees - so many variety of greens! Wonderful
19 - my doctor, Hamish Laing and his wonderful team
20- his and their health, wealth and well being
21- the food on my table
22- the clean water in my cup
23- diversity of people, cultures and faith
24- the books I read
25- the ability to read
26- the knowledge that I am the master of my life
27- and the will to change for better
28- the people that I have had the privilege to have known and loved before they died
29- the ability to know how to appreciate...
30- ...and be grateful for what I have
31- and all the animals on the planet, the marvel, wonder, glory.

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Jun 28, 2011
Added gratitude
by: Dorothy Hester

32- for natural beauty like Sugar Loaf mountain.
33- for having the ability and will to walk to the top.
34- for having nimble limbs the following day.
35- for all the good things that have happened to me.
36- for the rain after a very, very hot day. The plants are grateful.

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