Why YOU, why WE, should be 'Wishing on a Star'

by MrsVictorMeldrew
(South UK)

My life is 'ok' and, although my health overall is poor, I wanted to share my story to its' heartwarming end..

Last year, I made the move North to be nearer my daughter.. but it went disasterously and proved totally the WRONG thing for me to have done.
Distraught and lost, my heart was still in the South.
Time spent on websites that are supposed to help with this really disappointed me, and produced no leads at all ..Like myself, no-one else wanted city life after coastal, just the same as me! Very depressing.

Then, my carer, who is a strong believer in books such as 'The Secret' (I havent been able to get around to reading it myself yet) informed me of its motive.. to give people the strength of motivation to get things going in their lives.. gets you to understanding the power of visualisations, affirmations and positive thinking.

The minute you start thinking negative, things will go wrong for you because doing so, you are 'attracting negative' through the 'laws of attraction'

Part of me, through the time that I tried this positive thinking, was seriously left wondering if this really worked..but I am living proof that it does.

My carer told me, "Whatever you want, visualise yourself there. Living it. Living where you want to be in the property that you want to be living in"

I tried it. I went to sleep thinking it. I awoke daily, still thinking it. I showered thinking it. I ate thinking it. I cleaned thinking it. I walked thinking it. At times I think I even dreamt it too.

It only took me about two weeks in all.
I was a member of the local housing list of where I wanted to be..Because of my age, it was relatively easy to get council (but private housing works the same) and my bid was accepted. Panic stations! But I packed with help from my carer and the removal men, and moved into my new home.

Iv had to 'pinch myself' quite a few times over the months Iv lived here, as I couldn't quite believe what had taken place, and quite frankly how quick it had happened.

But it is, without doubt proof, that POSITIVE thinking really does work
The more you just 'see' what you want in your mind.

As in, 'see' yourself already there. 'See' yourself packing things. 'See' yourself shopping for new furniture to put in your new home. 'See yourself paying the removal man. 'See' yourself shopping in your new area.

The minute you start to think its not going to happen, or you begin to get sad cuz its not happening as quickly as you'd like, always remember to KEEP THINKING POSITIVE!

Just grab some 'time-out' a cuppa always helps; sit quietly and recharge your thoughts.. Get back on the 'positive thoughts bus!'

Because, you know, as sure as night follows day, when the time is RIGHT for you to be on the move, you will be.

And what's more, if something you 'thought' you wanted didn't happen, it may take six months, but somewhere down the line, you'll see the reason. Either something a sight more 'better for you' will come along; or a reason why you didn't get it will become obvious, and you'll thank whoever for not putting you there!!

But keep that positive train of thought firmly on the positive, and you'll really surprise yourself.
I know I did!

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