why positive thinking is important to me

Positive thinking has had an unbelievably major impact on my life. I once was an extremely negative thinker and I was aware of it and it caused me great pain at times.

I, sort of, fell into the idea of positive thinking. I was simply trying not to think negatively. I think a lot of people see the idea of positive thinking as being very negative. They believe that all it holds is the possibility of making you feel a little bit better or to "trick" yourself into think you feel better.

Although it does often do that, there is something people hardly ever mention about it. Something I really love. It makes you think better. And so that, in turn, makes you feel better. Feelings don't come from the events that surround us, but rather, the thoughts you think about these events.

Also highly notable is that when you allow a full positive though to flow through your mind, it changes your train of thought. It sends it in a different direction. It pushes you towards ideas you would not have normally reached.

Example: If you think the thought " I should apply to that job," you will begin to think of ways to make it happen. Or, sometimes even better, you'll recognize the things you come across as opportunities to make it happen.

Negative thinking stifles you from seeing these opportunities because you don't recognize them as the possibilities that they truly are. So, yes it does make me feel better, but I often have trouble attempting to explain that to others, but the concept of how it makes me think better is very clear. Plus, I think that - no matter whom you are - who doesn’t want to be able to think better?

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