Why Did You Walk Away My Love


Why did you walk away without saying goodbye?

Why did you walk away when you made me believe u were gonna stay a lil longer?

Why did you walk away and leave me alone, wondering what to do or where to go?

Why did you walk away at a time when i needed you the most?

Why did you walk away when my heart is hungry and longing for your love?

Why did you walk away my love?

Will you ever come back?

My heart has a lot of questions and wonders if its ever gonna get any answers to them. I guess its time my hear accept the fact that you are gone and hope that we could still be friends and still be able to call and talk to each other sometimes.

Now its time to move on and accept that some things weren't meant to be.

God has a better plan for us all.

Hope is the best thing we hold on to when every other thing seem to be failing.

I wrote this note with you on my mind. Have fun Cheers much LOVE.
From Sebastian Nyam.

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