by Jill
(Sydney, Australia)

A horrendous event that tore my family apart was also my opportunity to become the person I am today. I had lost my bubble. I could not think of one positive feeling. As long as I could remember I had constantly had that terrible sick feeling of guilt, it's my fault or whatever, in my stomach. I must have been ready because my teacher came and I listened, I relived, I cried, I hurt, and then I began to understand a lot of things.

That it was ok to choose to live in the unknown, I discovered all these amazing feelings and they were all positive. That sick feeling I came to realise was my solar plexus chakra. I learnt how to clear all my chakras. To put a protective bubble around me so that negative people could not drain my energy. I couldn't even think of a negative feeling. Opportunities began to present themselves. I began smiling to myself cause I was beginning to truly understand how this all works.

From time to time those negative thoughts drift in. My teachers have been many and they seem to present themselves just at the right time. They can be people I meet, books, movies, cds, a song on the radio.... And last night I was terribly concerned about not having enough money to pay our bills. Before I knew it I was on the internet and I came across a site "Positive thinking toolbox.com" When I woke this morning a client I had been chasing for a month, had deposited what he owed us, totally unexpected but so grateful because I could then pay some of our suppliers.

I know I need to continually work on myself, it is an exciting adventure as I witness my evolvement into the best person that I can be.

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