Vision Boards and Creative Visualization

Vision boards, also called treasure mapping or image mapping, and creative visualization are both tools that can be used to help us manifest our deepest desires. You can use these tools separately or together. The choice is yours.

I personally use both, The vision map is a great visual and it gets me excited to look at it. 

My board or map also helps me when I am visualizing, because if I’m having trouble visualizing something specific, I can just think of the photo I used to represent that dream or goal on my board. Again do what works best for you , but in my experience using them both increases the results.

A photo board or image map, is a collage of pictures and quotes, inspirational sayings or positive affirmations put together digitally or on poster board. These pictures and quotes represent those things you wish to manifest into your life. You will learn more about how to use them and how to create your very own image map on later pages of this site. Just scroll down to see the page that most interests you then click on the link.

 Creative Visualization Tools

  • Make your own vision board: On this page you will discover not only how vision boards work, but how you can create your very own board that has the most effect.

  • Importance of visualization: This page discusses why it is important to visualize your heart’s desires as well as what you can expect from visualizing your desires.

  • Benefits of visualization: Here you will discover the 10 benefits of visualizing something. Learn why you should start using visualization techniques in your life.

  • Secrets of visualization: This page discusses how the visualization process works. It teaches the secrets behind why visualizing something works.

  • Visualization and imagery: Here we discuss how you can use visualization along with treasure mapping to speed you along towards your dreams.

  • Visualization and meditation: This is where you will discover the benefits of combining your creative visualization techniques with meditation. Don’t worry, we also show you how to do this.

  • How to visualize something: If you are new to the visualization process you will learn all about it here. We give you practical techniques along with exercises you can use to start taking advantage of the tools you find here.

What is creative visualization?

Creative visualization is the process of quieting the mind and “seeing” in your mind’s eye that which you most desire to manifest into your life. This technique is most powerful when you incorporate all of your five senses into the visualization process. Again we will talk about this in more detail on some of the following pages.

These techniques are simple, but the pay off’s you receive by using these techniques are priceless. Your mind produced better that which it can “see” So weather you are using visualization or a board or better yet, both, I highly recommend that you make them part of your daily life. They have been invaluable tools to me in reaching my goals

I have tried to put together several different topics that will help you with both creative visualization and vision boards. I hope you find these pages helpful.

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