Using Positive Affirmations Effectively

If using positive affirmations is new to you , then stay tuned because I will answer some of your most important questions about the process. I will answers questions like, How do affirmations work, why do they work, as well as how to use them and rules for writing or making positive affirmations to manifest your deepest desires. Let‘s get started, shall we.

First... What is an Affirmation

An affirmation, simply put, is a statement that we say to ourselves on a regular basis. Some of these affirmations are positive, some are negative. Did you know that for most people, 90% of their thoughts are negative? Do you fall into this category? If so, don’t worry, using positive affirmations can change that.

Can you see how this negative thinking could be holding you back? Everything that happens in life starts with a single thought. Wouldn’t it make since to make sure those thoughts are positive? Of course it would.

So, for the short answer, an affirmation is everything you think or say.

How Do Positive Affirmations Work?

When you are using positive affirmations it is giving your mind something solid to focus on and by repeating these affirmations, you are drilling these positive statements into your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind then starts “filtering” your reality or altering your reality by bringing people and opportunities into your life so that the new statements become true statements and match up to your reality by way of the law of attraction.

Yes, I said it, it’s a law just like gravity.(scientifically tested, just like gravity.) Have you heard of quantum physics? O.K. then, enough said. 

How Quickly Can I expect Results?


The more often you repeat your new positive statement or affirmation the quicker it becomes a part of your belief system. For best results... Say your statement every morning when you get up and every night before you go to bed and as many times as you can incorporate it throughout the day.

When you choose to start using positive affirmations, the subconscious is forced to either avoid the new statements or reevaluate your old beliefs. If you say or think a positive statement only once or twice it is easy for your subconscious mind to avoid it because more than likely your current negative belief has been thought or said many times over. If, however, the statement is repeated often enough as a daily affirmation, the subconscious mind is forced to reassess the current belief. 

Experts say that it takes 30 days to create a new habit or stop a bad one. It would come to reason then, that when changing your current belief system by using positive affirmations, the same rule would apply. However, some affirmation statements may not be as far from your current belief as you think, and for those, you are likely to see results sooner, but the general rule is 30 days.

Special Note: The longer you have had your current negative belief the longer it will take to change it. Be persistent!

Also, the more often you tell yourself or think about your current negative belief the more you will need to recite your new positive statement for your subconscious to start a shift. The rule is 1/3. In other words every time you think about your current negative belief you will need to recite your new positive affirmation 3 times to start to tip the scales in the direction you want to go.

O.K., But How Do I use Them Effectively?

Affirmations need to be repeated often so that the subconscious mind can go to work on changing your current belief system. Because we are bombarded by different beliefs and statements everyday from all areas of our life that we cannot control, it is best to find a simple affirmation that can be repeated easily and often.

It is best to say your affirmations out loud to yourself several times a day on a daily basis. You may think these positive thoughts or affirmations as well, but I would only use this method as a supplement to saying them out loud not as the rule. There is something about the SPOKEN word that stirs emotion in us, and the emotion is the real key!

Is there anything I can do to make using positive affirmations more successful or effective?

Boy, you’re good! You know all the right questions to ask. The answer to your question is yes. As a matter of fact there are some rules to saying and writing affirmations. Remember, you are changing your current negative belief system, you may have had for years, and that takes some work. Don’t worry, these rules are simple and easy to follow.


Want to know one simple trick to supercharge your affirmations?

When using positive affirmations... look in a mirror and smile at yourself as you say your affirmation. Talk to yourself.  It may sound a little crazy at first, but I promise if you can do this on a regular basis you will see results far sooner than if you didn't do this.

Try it for just three days and trust me you will be amazed at the results.

Rule #1:Make it personal.

You have to make the affirmation personal. What I mean is use the word “I” not “you” it’s o.k to be selfish here. This IS all about you.

EXAMPLE If you say “I am a money magnet and money is flowing to me freely” that is what the universe will deliver. However if you say “you are a money magnet“, then you are just giving it away.

Rule #2: Make it positive.

The affirmation you use needs to be a positive statement. Your subconscious listens very carefully and gives you what you need according to these statements. If the statement is negative that is what your subconscious will focus on.

EXAMPLE: If you say “ I am thin and look great in my skinny jeans.” then the universe will start putting things in place to make this true. If you say” I am losing weight every day.” Then the universe must also make that true but, this is were it gets tricky. To make this true, the universe has to give you weight you can lose. So, while you may be losing weight it may not appear as such because as you lose it the universe gives you more so you can lose weight everyday. Be careful what you ask for you may just get it!

Rule #3: Use present tense statements

When you create your affirmation be sure that the statement represents the present tense not something in the future. The universe responds to NOW. If your statement represents the future that is were it will remain.

EXAMPLE: If you say “I am rich” the universe has to respond to make this true. If you say “ I will be rich” The universe says ok you will be but you’re not, and that’s how it shall be. The problem with that is, it is always now and not then. Get the picture?

Rule#4: Make your statements believable.

A powerful aspect of affirmations is the belief you have in them. Without belief, without faith your affirmations are worthless. Remember your bible lessons? “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains.”

EXAMPLE: If you can’t run to the mail box you probably will have a hard time believing you can run a marathon. If you would like to get there, maybe you could start by running around the block. So your affirmation would be “I am easily and effortlessly running around the block.” Not “I am running a marathon.” After you have conquered running around your block you will have gained a little more faith and can stretch yourself a little further. Maybe you can start to believe you can run a marathon or maybe your belief system is running a mile next. Only you will know.

Rule#5: Keep it simple
Don’t over complicate your affirmation statements. What I mean is, don’t ramble on for an hour. An affirmation should take no longer that 30 seconds to recite. The shorter the better. As long as it addresses your needs.

EXAMPLE: If you desire to be pregnant, your affirmation might be “ I am pregnant.” or “ Thank you, God for the baby that is now growing inside of me.” Which ever feels good to you but, not “ I am pregnant and in nine months I will have a happy and healthy baby with ten fingers and ten toes.” That’s a little much for your brain to process all at once.

Using Positive Affirmations Recap

Using positive affirmations can have a drastic effect on your world, but there are some rules you need to follow in order to get the most out of your daily affirmations. So lets do a quick recap. Your positive affirmations…

  • Are statements you make that are positive.
  • Do work, It’s a law.
  • You need to commit to at least 30 days before you will know for yourself.
  • Must be personal.
  • Must be positive to get positive results.
  • Need to be stated in the present tense.
  • Need to be simple.
  • Need to be believable to you.
  • Needs to be said 3 times for every single time you think of its negative counterpart.
  • Can have an even greater effect if said while looking in a mirror.

Well, I hope you found this page on using positive affirmations helpful. Now, check out some of our sample affirmations and start putting them to use in your own life.

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