Today is a new day!

by Maria

For the past few years I have been attracted to the phrase "change your thoughts, and change your life", actually that's how I was able to come across this wonderful site.
Few years back I was out of work, had two kids to support, most of my family do not live in this country. I was depressed most times, even remember a friend saying to me I use to carry this sad look on my face. Came across a book called "Your thoughts can change your life" by Donald Curtis. I brought myself an exercise book, did a pie chart called "Life", made up of career, financial, spiritual, physical, relationships and mental. I wrote positive affirmations for each area first referring to "I, You and my name Maria". Within about two weeks or so, I was working, a met a wonderful gentleman and my life has not been the same since. I am not saying my life is perfect but I do not allow myself to stay in that mode of depression, even if I do I am able to quickly put it behind me and move on.
As I said before, thanks for sharing this wonderful site, and keep up the awesome work!!!

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