10 Tips on Setting Goals
"Goal Setting Techniques"

Looking for tips on setting goals or a little motivation for reaching your goals? Look no further. Here are 10 great tips for setting better, more attainable goals. Let’s get started, shall we?

10 Tips on Setting Goals

tips on setting goals
  • 1) Be specific: The most important thing about setting goals is knowing what the goal is. You have to be very specific or the goal is nothing, but a fantasy. You can’t just have the goal to be rich. You need to have the specific amount of money you desire in mind. Example I want to earn 4,000 dollars a month. Now, this is a specific goal.
  • 2) Make it a challenge: You want to do this for two reasons. The first being, if it is not a challenge you may lose interest very quickly and never accomplish the goal. Secondly, if it isn’t something that challenges you, then let’s be honest, is it really a Goal? It’s probably something you could do without any effort so why shoot for something that won’t improve your current situation?
  • 3) Your goal needs to be attainable: Be honest with yourself here. If you are 50 years old and have never even held a bat, your not gonna become a pro baseball player. These are just the facts. Be real with yourself. Something else to remember, is that you need to believe you can attain the goal. If making the goal to earn a million dollars this year seems far fetched then start with a smaller goal of earning $100,000 dollars this year. Once you have attained this goal, a million dollars won’t seem so out of reach and you can now set a new goal of earning a million dollars.
  • 4) Write your goals down: People who write there goals down have a greater chance of taking the steps to achieve those goals and, in the end, are more successful at attaining there goals. Plus, the subconscious mind responds well to written suggestions. Just a little tip for ya.
  • 5) Track you progress: It is important that you track and document your success. When you can see how far you have come it is easier to keep going. The easiest way I have found for tracking my goals is by using a goal chart. It’s a great motivator.
  • 6) Break your goals down into smaller goals: If you have a large goal it is a good idea to break it up and make little goals that are easy to achieve. For example: I purchased a home that needed a lot of work. My main goal was to fix it up. This is a huge goal. So, I broke it up into small manageable goals and then even smaller goals. I started with the bathroom. Here is the way I broke up the big goal into little goals.
  • Refinish walls
  • tile tub surround
  • install shower fixtures
  • Paint walls
  • Tile the floor
  • Install a new sink
  • Hang mirror and lights
  • Install door
  • Install trim

I focused on one small goal until it was completed and then I moved on to the next, until the entire bathroom was completed. It only took two weeks and by focusing on the small goals I never found myself overwhelmed (this is the best tip on my list of “10 tips on setting goals“)

goal setting tips
  • 7) Reward yourself: Yes, in many cases the goal itself is a great reward, but when we are talking about a big goal, sometimes little rewards go a long way. Like for instance, While I was starting this web-site, I would reward myself with a movie night away from the computer when I finished writing 10 articles. 
  • 8) Share your goals: Sharing your goals with others keeps you focused and on track. Once you tell someone you are going to do something, it is harder not to do it. This is a great motivator, because no one wants to look like they can’t accomplish something they’ve set out to accomplish.
  • 9) Hang your goals up where you can see them: Having your goals hanging up where you can see them every day, will help keep you focused. I have goal charts hanging all over my office. The one for building this website consists of two poster boards. One with my to-do goals and the other is my completed goals. I can’t tell you how it felt the day I realized the to do board was much smaller than the completed goals board!
  • 10) Be persistent: I can not stress this enough! There are some days when I just stare at the computer. Yes, I get discouraged, but I keep at it. You wanna know why? It’s because I also have days when I write 10 good articles and plenty of days in between. The result is what you are reading right now. This site is a perfect example of the power of setting goals.

To Sum Up These Tips On Setting Goals

I hope you have gotten something from my tips on setting goals article. This list is just to get you started though. Use your imagination and come up with other ways you can accomplish your goals.Now it's up to you to add your own tips on setting goals. Also Check out the other articles and resources below for setting goals.

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