Third Eye Meditation
"Cleansing and stress reduction meditation"

The third eye meditation is both a cleansing and a stress reduction tool. You can use it to relieve stress, cleanse yourself of negativities and to gain insight into your own subconscious mind.

What You Need to Know First

The third eye meditation is what I would consider a more advanced form of meditating. If you are new to meditation I would suggest that you first master the beginner meditation also found on this web-site. If, however, you are familiar with meditation, then this is a great tool for getting even more from your meditation practices.

This meditation can be used as a stress reduction meditation, a cleansing meditation or a meditation to gain insight, depending on what you are after. There are very subtle differences. I will lay out the meditation script for you and then I will add some variations so that you may use this meditation as you see fit.

Third Eye Cleansing and Stress Reduction Meditation

  • First I want you to take a deep breath in… Then out…
  • In and then out… Do this several times focusing on your breathing.
  • Then I want you to take some time and relax your body. Start with your toes and work your way up to the top of your head.
  • Take your time. I’ll wait. Make sure you are fully relaxed before you move on to the next step.
  • Now that you are fully relaxed, I want you to turn your focus to your third eye, located just above your eyebrows and between your eyes. 
  • Now, I want you to imagine there is a golden triangular window. Then I want you to image that window opening up.
  • Once the window is open, I want you to slowly imagine yourself stepping inside the window and looking around inside your mind. 
  • Envision all your thoughts, feelings, issues, and experiences floating around inside, all illuminating and easy to see. 
  • Now look to the right and you will find a light switch. Turn it on. 
  • When the light comes on you will see it is so bright that it floods the inside of your mind with radiance. This light is so bright that it flowing outside of the golden triangular window and taking with it all your worries, past traumas, anger, sorrows, and issues for good. 
  • When you feel that the cleansing is complete, you may close the window and return to your body. Sit still in your solitude for as long as you need. When you are ready, rub your hands together gently and place them over your eyes and then slowly open your eyes.

Third Eye Meditation to Gain Insight

In order to use this meditation to gain insight, you will first follow the instructions above. Instead of opening your eyes after returning to your body you will proceed with the following.

  • Imagine your third eye window growing brighter and brighter with a golden light. So bright in fact, that the light begins to engulf your entire body.
  • Your mind is now completely clear of thought and contemplation. Stay in this moment for as long as you need.
  • Now is the time to ask your higher power any question you like asking for deliberate consideration and reflection.
  • You may ask that the question be answered during your meditation or to have the answer revealed to you throughout your day. Because it may take some time to get an answer, it is best that you ask that it be revealed to you when the time is right.
  • Now, before you open your eyes, be sure to start slowly by moving your fingers and toes.

I hope you have enjoyed the meditations above and I hope that you get the most out of the third eye meditation.

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