Things I am grateful for

by Joanne

1. My health and my life
2. My fantastic son and his genuine enthusiasm
3. My wonderful partner in life - Jacques
4. First snowfalls of the season
5. Cold crisp days when the snow squeaks under my feet
6. My mom and dad who have loved and supported me through everything
7. My generous and kind ex-in-laws
8. A beautiful backyard in the middle of the city
9. An old house we are working on to become our own
10. The feeling I get after spinning class
11. A positive balance in my bank account!
12. Close friends I can rely on
13. My nose - it is one of the only parts of my body that I like but I think it is really nice
14. The ability to learn another language and be allowed time at work for it
15. Walks to school with my son

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