The Struggle of trying to survive in a low income situation

by A. Miller

i started off a normal 21 year old. then, a doctor walks in the room and tells me i have stage 2 ovarian cancer! What....this is not real. thats all i could think. then it set in...i am a 21 year old living pay check to pay check and no health insurance. At that age i feel we dont think about health ins or life ins. i should as heck never thought i would be making a will at 21. preparing my family and friends for what could happen. i felt lost and alone no one under stood what was going on or why i was so mad at the world. then one day i stopped feeling sorry for myself and i stood up! i said enough i will not be consumed by so much anger and resentment. i started to work on the side while i was in treatment. I worked 6-8 hours a day cleaning up after a carpenter. he paid me cash and most of all he understood. he knew i would be slow and tired, probably throw up several times a day but he let me work he gave me purpose. from that point on thats all i think about when i "cant't" do something i remember just take your time and keep your purpose...find what makes you feel unstoppable!!! It will change your life!!

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