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I am so excited to share some thoughts from the positive experiment author, Elizabeth. She is one dynamite gal that took the challenge to change her thinking for one year. What happened in that one year? Read the interview to find out and see what she is up to today. Get inspired and start your own positive thinking experiment.

The Interview

Q) I know you started your blog "The Positive Experiment" as an experiment to change your negative thinking into more positive thinking and to create more positivity in your life. I also know that it has been more than a year since you started your “experiment” or blog. So, my question to you is, why did you continue to write your blog after your initial 1 year experiment? 

A) Originally, the Experiment was only supposed to last for six weeks. At the end of that time period, my readers voted for me to continue the blog for one year. As our one year anniversary approached, we were left at a crossroads: to continue or to not continue. I had conquered my goal of thinking more positively for one year: my mindset felt lighter and my actions more positive. I was happy with what I had accomplished. However, during that year, I discovered that thinking positively was now a way of life for me. Taking positive action and thinking more positively was now an integral part my makeup.

I strongly believed that this new way of life was an important message to share with others. During the course of writing my blog, I was incredibly touched and honored by how many people related and wanted to talk about The Experiment. With my new awareness and new positive community, I decided that I would continue to The Positive Experiment for as long as I felt inspired to share my journey with others.

Q) What was/ is the biggest surprise you got for yourself by turning your negative thought into more positive thoughts and how has that effected you?

A) My biggest surprise was discovering that the creation of negative thoughts are not meant to hurt us but to protect us. Negative thoughts are not born from hate, but from a place of protection, of not wanting to let oneself get hurt. When I stopped and listened to the root of my negative thinking, I began to clearly see how many defensive walls my mind had put up in order to protect my heart. When those walls began to come down, I was surprised by how much my spirit wanted to be loved and treated with honor and respect. This knowledge has made me treat myself in a much kinder, loving way and has made me stop bullying myself so much.

Q) Obviously, the experiment went well, so my question is what are some of the major differences you have noticed in your life since you first started thinking positive?

A) During the Experiment, I have found that I am less weighed down by things that used to plague me: responsibilities, stressful situations, trying to please others, etc. I still have plenty of negative thoughts. However, I do not ruminate on negative situations and thoughts as long as I used to. It has freed me to become more honest and creative both in my work and personal life. I find I laugh easier and have a much stronger sense of myself and my wants. All in all, it’s a pretty awesome place to be in.

Q) I just love your mid week treats, they are a real pick me up. Where did the idea for the mid week treat come from?

A) Thank you! I used to troll around the internet looking at positive quotes and cute pictures whenever I was feeling depressed. I’d find something and feel instantly pepped up. The Mid Week Treats were born out of the idea that maybe others would enjoy what I found and a get a boost in their day when they read them.

Q) I love to ask people who or what inspires them. Who in your life inspires you and why?

A) Oh gosh, what a great question!
Nothing fires me up more than great art work. When I see a piece of theatre that touches on the human condition perfectly, I usually go and see it as many times as I can. Same goes with music. If a piece of music inspires me, I can’t help but listen to it on repeat.Nature is a constant inspiration for me as well. There is nothing better then being outside and feeling connected to mother earth

I also love hanging out with children and animals. Kids and animals are great at reminding us at the importance of play time. They’re also wonderful examples of how to let go of things. Bang your foot? Cry for a bit and then go run back to the playground for round two.

Q) Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with us. I am so excited to read your answers and share them with my guests. Do you have any words or wisdom or advice you would like to share with our guests? Do you have any other sites or perhaps a book or anything else you would like to share with our guests?

A) Words of wisdom: Be kind to yourself everyday. You deserve it. Also, always wash your face before you go to bed.


One of my favorite writers is SARK. You can check out her fun site at :

When I need something cute to make me happy I always head to:

I cannot say enough kind words about Louise Hay. Her books always hit the spot right on the dot: 

Thank you so much Elizabeth. Your blog, The Positive Experiment is a real breath of fresh air and it has been a pleasure interviewing you. To my readers. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out Elizabeth’s blog. It is a real treat.

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