the one

by kerry

How do i know if shes the one?


This simple question has a very simple answer. You know she is the one when you stop wondering if she is the one.

She is the one when her happiness is more important than your own, when her happiness is more important than even your desire to be together.

She is the one if you would love her even if she were not yours to love.

She is the one when when you hit the pillow at night you say thank you to God for this beautiful being and agian when you rise in the morning.

She is the one when what you pray for first is her happiness and well being.

She is the one when you know you'd love her even if...

fill in the blank with anything you can imagine and always your answer is I'd love her still and then you will know she is the one.

Real love is bigger than ourselves and it is loving both the good and the bad in a person, it is embracing all that they are and loving them not inspite of their faults, but loving them even more for them.

When you have found the one you will no longer need to ask the question, How do I know if she is the one?

I can tell you all of this because I have found my one and it took 12 years to bring us together, but I always knew she was the one even when all signs pointed to us never being together. Every morning and every evening I thank God for her pressence in my life and I always prayed for her happiness and well being. Today we are together and I love her more everyday. There is no question, never was.

I wish you that kind of love.

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