The Greatest Gift

by Sherilyn
(Sullivan, IN)

I think if we took the time to do it, most people living in North America could make a gratitude list as long as the one above. I think it would be great if we took time daily to be grateful for three to five things.

I'm sure most all of us find ourselves complaining about at least that many things on a daily basis.

But, I want to share my gratitude here for the greatest gift I've ever received or could receive. That is the gift of salvation.

I thank God every day that he loved me enough to send his own son, the Lord Jesus Christ to die for me. I thank the Lord Jesus as well that he was willing to come. I thank the Lord that he didn't just die, but that he rose from the dead and is alive for evermore.

Salvation is free to me, but it cost God more than I can even imagine. I hope that I never let a day go by without being grateful for this wonderful gift. I'm also grateful that because of his salvation I can look forward to living with him for all eternity.

We all have to face death some day, but I'm thankful that death isn't the end for us it is just the ultimate beginning.

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Jan 16, 2010
Who can't you live with out
by: Rebecca Edwards

you are right and we all should thank God every day for everything. Not just to ask him for things that we selfishly want,but thank God that some of our selfish wants he doesn't give us, for Gods own reasons. Only God knows what we need and some of us have done with a lot of these thing when we were small, but think we can't live without now.
The only thing I can't live without is (GOD)and his word.

Jan 14, 2010
I agree
by: Anonymous

A great sentiment. I am with you on that.

Jan 14, 2010
thank you for sharing
by: Bonnidette(admin)

Thank you for sharing with us. I think I will have to share this post with my mom. I think you would like her. She built a church where there was none. God bless you.

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