The Divine Intervention - The Law of Attraction

by Mike
(Southern California)

At ease in my life.

At ease in my life.

When my youngest sister had taken ill with Cancer, I was climbing the corporate ladder at my work. I had been escalating each and every year and had made several company changes for one reason or another, and landed a position as a division President and Division Manager. I had been in this job for maybe 2 or 3 years when I learned the news of her illness.
She lived in Az and the rest of her family along with me, lived here in California. She refused our repeated attempts to get her to move back to California where she would be with the ones she loved, including her oldest son. See, was a single parent. The youngest was 9 years old and lived with her. The oldest was 17 and lived with his Dad in California.
My wife and I would drive to Az through this process every weekend or every other weekend to spend time with her, help her through any issues she was experiencing, make sure the bills were paid, food in the house, she would not always be in a condition to take care of those things. We would take my other sister with us, or my mother, and her oldest son. My other sister would stay with her for several weeks, then my wife, then my mother and they would rotate back and forth.
I had always been involved with positive thinking, and the immutable universal laws since about the age of 16 or so. That was a lot of years! I had experienced many divine manifestations, only was not really aware of them as I could have been, they just showed up and I would either move in that direction or not. I guess I did not have a full understanding at the time.
In this situation though, it was tough. When we were out there on the weekends, I would still be working as I would be taking call after call after call from customers, or employee's or other management personnel to try and solve any problems that were occurring or take advantage of any situation that may have come up. So my 16 hour days carried over into the weekends. My focus to say the least, was not always on my "present" but rather at my work.
This went on for 5 years. Many miles on my car. Many sleepless nights, many phone calls with my youngest sister, trying to do all I can to help her in this situation.
I learned what it meant to "pray unceasingly" and I did it all the time: during my two hour drive to work, my two hour drive home, my lunch hour, my breaks, what have you. Prayer, and positive affirmations were what I was constantly doing. Knowing the truth, getting my vibrations correct to attract a full healing, focusing on an end result that I knew was the truth about her and the truth about all of us. I did it all!

It was early January, and the company was going through cutbacks like all companies were doing at the time to save money and keep their heads above water, and I had to do the same with my teams. First it was just a few that had to be laid off, then more, then many more. We were going into survival mode. It was during that time, the CEO of the organization and I had a discussion. He let me know that as much cutting as was going on, he felt we would need to begin to get into the leadership as well. We strategized on different supervisors and manager positions we might be able to work without for a short time and came to some agreements.
It was 3 or 4 days after that discussion that he came to my office and let me know that it had to be expanded into executive leadership as well, and that I would have to be the first one to be let go. I was initially shocked! I never saw that one coming. My thoughts began to race into what was I going to do for my future? How would I support my family? All of the typical things that would run through anyone's mind who had just been given that information. Right at that moment, my little sister called. The CEO was still in my office. She said she was having trouble breathing and was being rushed to the hospital and asked if I can get up there quickly! I asked if she wanted me to bring anyone else with me and she responded she wanted mom, my other sister, and her oldest son to join me. I quickly hung up the phone, contacted them all and let them know when I would be there to pick them up. I called the rest of the family and let them know what was going on as well, and off we went.
So now I am in AZ and I have no job. I had no phone calls interrupting the things I wanted to do in order to help my sister through this. She needed to have an emergency surgery around her heart and the doctors told her it was only going to be a temporary fix. She had asked that my wife become her medical power of attorney and my wife gladly took the responsibility. The doctors met with my wife and I and suggested the surgery not even be done as it was only temporary, and that we let it all run it's course because she would be put on a ventilator and probably never come off of it before she transitioned. When my sister asked my wife to be the medical power of attorney, my sisters only request was, "do whatever you need to do to help me live". We told the doctors to do the surgery!
By this time, the whole family had come to AZ and were by and large, concentrated at the hospital. There were probably 30 or so that were present. Since there was no one at my sisters house, that was used as "basecamp" for everyone.
My sister came through the surgery and was on a ventilator. She knew, through my wife, that she needed to get the strength to breath on her own and get herself off of the ventilator. She completely agreed and understood. The doctors kept actually telling her to relax, that the probability of her getting off the ventilator was slim to none. She refused that. Working with a pulmonary doctor, who saw how determined she was, he took up the task to help her. She was off the ventilator in 3 days!
She then moved out of ICU and into the main hospital floor. She continued her recovery and moved from there, reluctantly to a hospice nearby. She was improving, but we did not know for how long.
In the event she became ready to transition from this earth, there were no preparations that had been made by her. She knew her final resting place was to be in California should something happen, but beyond that, nothing else. Who would help to prepare to get her back to California? What was to happen to her home? Personal belongings, etc....No preparations at all.
I am still praying unceasingly and regardless of what I am being shown, still believe in the healing miracle that is taking place and a full recovery, however, knowing the universal laws are always governing and not ours, I also knew if she transitioned, at no choice of mine, but of hers, the family would be heavily burdened with all of the ancillary things that go with it.
I found myself sneaking away and parking in an Albertsons parking lot, or any empty parking lot I could find because I would go through a lot of emotions prior to getting on the phone with mortuary's and Cemeteries in California and AZ working out the details in the event she transitioned. I met with attorney's who drafted paperwork for the house and whom needed to do final preparations, including bank accounts, etc....
I took paperwork back to my sister, now in hospice to sign from the attorneys, (not from the mortuary's or Cemeteries, because that would have scarred her too much), and we worked out all of the details in advance.
The hospice doctors and nurses finally told us she could no longer stay there because she was actually improving and hospice is not designed for that, (go figure), so they asked that she be discharged from the facility, to her home and they would have a nurse there to help care for her.
I know I seem to be rambling on, but there was some of the back story you needed to read to get the effect of the "Divine Intervention" I refer to.
She was home for 2 weeks when she made the transition. She was surrounded by her mother, me (her oldest brother), her fiance', and my wife. It was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through: EVER!
Needless to say, I was sad, disapointed, pissed off at GOD, frustrated, more pissed off at GOD, oh and did I say "Pissed off at GOD?" I prayed UNCEASINGLY! I did what I was taught to do! Other people do that and they experience the healing, the miracle! Why not ME!
several months later, after all of the dust was settled and all the affairs in order, I realized, "this was NEVER about me!" It was never about me getting a healing, it was about her. Her relationship with the one divine is not my relationship with the one divine. It was her choice to transition, not mine. No one asked my opinion. No one asked for my input first! And then I realized: I was able to be with her for 17 weeks straight! 17 weeks where I was un-interrupted by a job, or by clients, or by employee's, or by anything else. I got to spend my little sister's (who had just turned 40), last 17 weeks here on earth with her! And then I realized how blessed I was! How God and the universe had actually put a plan in place, way back when, that led to my release (because I would not have taken a leave of absence, nor would I have quit my job), so that I could spend that necessary time with my sister and my family when it was required. That came out of no-where. The universe always delivers to you exactly what you need, when you need it and in the BEST WAY possible for you! It may not turn up the way I intended it, but it turned up the way that was the BEST for me.

Of course I did go back to work, but that event and circumstances caused me to go in a completely different direction. A direction that is more of my essence and who I am. The challenges are still great, but my life is much more enjoyable to me and to those around me.

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