The day i will see you again!

by Brittney
(Florida, St. Petersburg)

Angels from heaven

Angels from heaven

Sometimes it's not that hard to say goodbye it's what we ran into ahead with the memories we have today on for word that we US people that will never forget them as we look the things we will share the little jumps and kicks we will get out of life the things that will never be forgotten. The times we come home and say mom, dad guess what i listened to you and i got a A on my paper saying that makes the little things never go away the little things is what makes us go to bed safe knowing everyone and everything is okay
Waking up and feeling that there's a new begging in front you just waiting waiting for you to say it's okay we are here now GOD to make you proud just like you made out of my family friend more like my grandpa the days i will look over my shoulder and just SMILE and say I'm going to accomplish my goals and make my family and friends proud..... I know one day i will see you again and we will be just starting all over from the vary first start that i met you laughing up a storm with that huge smile you gain again through thick and rough. The time when i have kids and all your other grandchildren that will talk about you to their family how lucky they would be if they met you one day knowing and asking i wish my grandpa was there for me and to watch me graduated my High School year but instead the most important he's gets the better seat to watch me and SAVE ME from above... Knowing that i will be okay and he will be okay cause he's in a place called HOME with no pain and no worries just waiting at the fence for other followers that was just as brilliant as he is now and will be forever...
We love you and maybe one day we will meet again! :)

By: Brittney Arsenault

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