The big wish

by Kerry

I have been using the law of attraction for several years, I have noticed that somethings take a bit longer than others but it does happen.

I foccussed on how to obtain the money needed to start my own business, and had done so for over a year. Always visulizing the end result. As if i already had it. Why do I say this? Because out of nowhere back in april 2012 while doing dishes the door bell rang I answered it and it turned out to be a private detective.

This detective told me that I was to inherit a large sum of money, of course I was skeptical and so I inquired within my family and sure enough my uncle passed away and me and my sister and brother will inherit over 400,000 dollars slipt 3 ways of course, I am pleased to announce that laws state that an estate has to be open for 6 months and that 6 months has come and gone and soon probably in early march if not sooner I shall receive the money about 134,000 dollars.

Again whats interesting is this money came from someone I thought was poor and lived in lowincome housing. What A surprise.

I have to now reconcider my previous thought that money does not just show up at your door as this surely did.

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