Thank you my LORD , you're there for me

by elizabeth

i was so alone , it's like i don't know where to find myself , i am so lost , it's hard to be alone , when i find myself walking at the seashore so lonely and looking so far that only the horizon i can see , i cry alone,i dream alone,i smile alone,i worry alone, i hugged myself alone,but that's what i thought, when i stand up you let me stand still and let me feel toughness of my barefeet and you let my heart sing your Name,now i know it is you my LORD who grabbed and cleansed my heart loaded of too much sorrows and disappointments and all the hard rocks that is blocked in my heart. . . all i can feel now is the lightweight and happiness, your love and caress and peace in my heart to the my innermost parts of my heart Thank You so much My Dear Dear Lord You never left me even in a blink of an eye. and when i cry shouting and whispering your Name out loud and pleading AS you SEE every drops of my tears . . it becomes like a sword of fire that when it comes back it comes back like a shooting stars of love and courage and answers of my wishes . .so much thank you for being there for me when my faith is lowering down , when there is doubt in my heart,you simply cleansing it in a very suave ways because YOU are the only one who knew how to fixed the broken parts of me . . NOW YOU LET ME KNOW. . IT IS YOU , WHOM I DON'T WANT TO LOSE IN MY LIFE. . THANK YOU LORD for reavealing me one of your secrets how to be happy and contented,increasing my faith, THANK YOU SO MUCH MY DEAR DEAR LORD FOR LOVING ME. . .PLEASE LORD HELP ME TO RETURN ALL THE LOVING WAYS YOU HAVE GIVEN ME.

(i can't edit the words that i used because it is the sacred words that it came from my heart , whoever can feel this gratitude prayer of mine , I Thank you , may all your wishes come true!)

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