Thank you for life

by sandy

Thank you for life which includes everything: The good, the seemingly bad and the appearances of ugliness. For all things lead us toward good if we let it.

Thank you for giving me intutition, faith, perserverance, wisdom, perception and consciousness which serve me better when I think of the higher good.

Thank you for giving me the wisdom to not second guess everything that happens in the world. For I know out of the seemingly bad thing a plan emerges. Love is demonstrated. Pain is healed.

Thank you for "time" as it has indeed helped to heal many wounds.

Thank you for reminding me each day with miracles which demonstrate that you are for my good. You want me to use the strengths you have given me to share with others. You want me to think and manifest love daily.

Thank you for leveling out the playing field. For there is nothing that another suffers that in some way I will one day share their pain. But I know that pain helps me to appreciate gain and it helps me to know that all can be overcome.

Thank you for the wisdom you bestowed on me one day concerning not blaming others or you for those things which are adverse to me. You taught me to see "what is" and then move on to greener pastures.

You taught me there are some things not within my control. You taught me that while something seemingly bad was happening, there was something good happening as well. And the greatest gift you taught me: is to keep my eye on the prize: That is love.

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