Thank You For All That I AM

by Liz Oakes
(Queensland Australia)

Mother Father God, Great Divine Spirit, thank you for the beauty of the world in which I feel blessed to live. Thank you for the health and the blessings that the plants and trees bring to my world. I feel gratitude for their beauty and for the benefits they gift each of us with every day. Thank you for the gift of the oxygen they provide, so that all of us can live.

Thank you for the wealth of the plants that come from the earth to nourish me. I feel gratitude for the wonderful flavors and the vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetables that I eat and that keep me strong and healthy.

I am grateful for the love of spirit and for the love I feel for my friends and family... and the love I receive from them in return. I am blessed that the love I give out returns to me in abundance!

I affirm that I feel grateful for all I have been given today and for all that I will receive in the future!

Nameste Liz

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