Taking a Different Perspective

by Pamela
(Columbus, Ohio)

For the last several months my ex-husband claimed that he made a mistake years ago by leaving and wanted to get back together. It turned out that he was playing mind games and lying heavily to me. When he broke up with me a month ago, I became very angry about inexpensive gift I had given him. I felt used and figured he would never give the item back. But a friend asked me the other day why I had given him the gift. I replied that it was because I loved him. The friend told me to just let him have it because I did nothing wrong and the gift was given out of love. She also stated that karma is a bitch and that what he did to me is a reflection on who he is. Her words made me begin to see things differently. I believed she was right, I did nothing wrong. Since then, my thoughts regarding being angry and hating him shifted to thinking that karma is a bitch and that some future event may help him realize his mistakes. I also began to think that I was not responsible for what happened, that my intentions were honorable.

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