I have had the great honor of interviewing Suzie Cheel of recently and on this page I get to share that interview with you. She has an amazing blog where she shares a lot of positive insights, she is a law of attraction facilitator, an author, speaker, and she is the orchestrater of the “Change Warrior Project”. On top of all of this, she is one amazing individual dedicated to making a change in the world. This is one interview you will want to watch to the end.

The Interview with Suzie Cheel

Highlights from the Interview

Suzie shares with us what her inspiration was to start her blog She talks about the "Change Warrior Project? Who is a change warrior? Going from stuck to stardom. Making a ripple effect by making a change in the world.

Get access to the change warrior videos by going to change warrior videos She tells us what Kiva is and how can you get involved. Kiva is a great organization were you can loan as little as $25 to a person struggling to start their own business or expand their business. It is a great way to help someone help themselves.

Suzie’s Goal is to have 1000 Kiva members by Women’s Day 2012 through her change warrior project. Learn how you can help Suzie achieve this goal and what you can do to get involved by visiting

Suzie’s Book "Emergings"

Besides being the author of, suzie is also the author of "Emergings" A meditation on the emotions of change. To learn more about her book and to get your own copy visit

What Others are Saying About Suzie Cheel and Her Blog

Here are just a few things people have said about Suzie's blog,

Suzie is so inspirational and her passion for abundance and positivity are quite evident in everything that she does. 

Suzie's site is filled with positivity! She always uplifts those around her and her attitude of gratitude is contagious! 

Consistently creative and forward-focused on creating positive change! 

Because Suzie is such a happy, upbeat person who shares her positive attitude in her posts, artwork and every opportunity she gets to do so. Visiting her blog gives you an overall 'feel good' feeling. 

The site oozes energy, vibrancy, positive vibes and cheer. I smile every time I see it! 

Suzie inspires so many people to move forward with their lives 

Suzie is an inspiration and the work she's doing interviewing other women is terrific. 

It's not just the site that is a powerful force in the world but the owner Suzie is 'being' the change she wants to see in the world. She is 'walking her talk'. I've experienced how positive she is and the amazing effect she has on those around her. Her site is an extension of herself. We need more Suzie's in the world. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t miss Suzies tips for living a more positive and happy life. This is towards the end of the interview so make sure to watch the whole thing. Trust me you won’t want to miss this.

What you can look forward to from Suzie in the near future and what she is working on right now.

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You can keep up with what Suzie is doing by following her blog I just want to take a moment to thank Suzie for taking the time to do this interview with us. You, Suzie Cheel, Make a difference and it is an honor to have you be featured on this website. I also would like to thank you, my visitors, for taking the time to get to know a little about Suzie Cheel and the contributions she is making in the world.

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