Staying Committed to my self

by Alex Diaz
(Fayetteville NC)

I was on of thoes people that would start something and never finish or continue what I started. I would lose interest really quick especially if I didn't see results in what I was doing.

Back in August 2013 I started working out. At first my mind and body would make all types of excuses not to get up and exercise. On those days when I really wasn't on the mood I would fight for my right to continue and brake the old habit of laziness.
It's Feb 2014, 6 months later and I'm honored to say that I've lost 40l bs and fitness has become a life style.

I broke the pattern of lack of commitment, procrastination, lack of motivation, determination and drive. I'm grateful for this change cause it has also made positive changes in other areas in my life.

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