Spiritual Affirmations/ Faith Affirmations

Spiritual affirmations and faith affirmations can assist us in growing stronger and more confident in our faith. Below you will find a long list of affirmations of faith. Feel free also to use any of the statements below as your own affirmation prayer.

“My religion is very simple, my religion is kindness.” 
~Dalia Lama

List of Spiritual and Faith Affirmations

  • I am strong in my faith.
  • I give gratitude to the Lord my savior
  • I grow stronger and stronger in my faith everyday
  • My faith surrounds me and makes me whole
  • The Lord gives me all that I want and need
  • God is good
  • I lift God up on high and he lifts me up
  • My faith in God gives me courage and confidence.
  • I lives Gods word in all areas of my life
  • Others recognize my faith and are inspired by it
  • My life belongs to God
  • My relationship with God is a powerful relationship
  • My faith in God lifts up those around me
  • My faith in God keeps me humble
  • I give gratitude and praise to God in the highest
  • My faith in a higher spirit keeps me grounded
  • I am surrounded by the love of God
  • My higher spirit guides me in the direction of my dreams.
  • I am guided by a force greater than myself
  • My faith is unshakable.
  • I am committed to God, naturally
  • My Faith is the foundation of my Life and I live my Life according to my Faith in God
  • Faith is the cornerstone of my Life
  • My faith lifts me above my fears
  • I let go and put my life in God’s hands to guide and lead me
  • My faith in God sets me free from all worry, anxiety and doubt.
  • I breath in Christ and feel alive
  • I believe Gods path for me is abundant and joyous
  • God‘s plan for me is full of love, peace and joy
  • I am perfect in the eyes of the Lord.
  • I am divine presence
  • My faith creates my reality 
  • I am love 
  • My spirituality boldly expresses my Faith in God
  • I AM bold in the Power and Love of Jesus Christ
  • My spirituality is drawn from a deep Faith in God
  • I channel the energy and love of the enfinite
  • God loves me
  • God lives inside my heart.
  • The love of God radiate through me
  • My home is full of Gods love
  • All things are possible in the name of God, our father
  • I am strong in my faith of a higher power
  • I am a winner and I attract only success through the power of my faith.
  • I know that I can master anything, with God’s guidance
  • A Few Affirmation Prayers

    • I thank you O’ Lord for the beauty that is my life. I raise you up and give you praise for the abundance of peace, love, and joy that surrounds me in my life. 
    • I lift your name on high dear God. You provide me daily with all that I want and need and you know the inner workings of my heart and soul.
    • My love for you dear God grows deeper and deeper everyday in everyway.
    • Thank you O’ Lord for the many blessing you stow upon me in my daily life.

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