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Interviewing the “Sources of Insight” author, JD Meier was truly a treat. In this interview, JD shares with us his insights and his inspirations. In this interview he shares some of his favorite quotes, one sure fire way to start your day as a winner, with the “my Three Wins Method”, and what you can do to start getting results today. I really loved talking with JD and I know you will love what he has to share, so enjoy.

The Interview with J.D.

Q) J.D, I know you work with Microsoft and you have authored a number of books and you are a mentor to many, and I am certain you would be successful in anything you do. My question is why a blog, more importantly why this blog? What was or is the inspiration to start and run the“Sources of Insight” blog?

A) I thought a blog would be the fastest way to lift people up around the world, and I liked the idea of sharing little gems of insight, a post at a time. It also seemed like the best way to build a living knowledge base of wisdom to empower people. 

I'm not sure that I named it very well, but some of my friends really liked how it sounded when they said it out loud. I wanted Sources of Insight to reflect the idea that we can draw our knowledge from a wide variety of sources, beyond just our own experience. I also wanted to focus on cross-cutting skills that people could use for work or life. Most importantly, I wanted to breathe life into the idea of "standing on the shoulders of giants", and giving people the tools and thinking to make the most of what they've got ... basically, a stream of wisdom in action. 

Q) Many of your posts include powerful and inspiring quotes. I also share quotes on the positive thinking-toolbox website because of the power that lies within them. Could you share with my readers one or two of your favorite quotes and tell us why these quotes stand out and what they mean to you?

A) One of my favorite quotes is: 

"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet." – James Oppenheim 

I like this quote because it reminds me to enjoy the journey and to stay out of the "If - then" trap ("if this happens, then I'll be happy".) It's also a reminder to look around and find the happiness now, wherever I am. And, it's also empowering -- rather than just look for happiness, generate it. 

Another of my favorite quotes is: 

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." -- George Bernard Shaw 

It's simple, but it says so much. What it says to me is, dive into life. It's about the growth, and I can shape my destiny.

Q) Your mission statement on your site is “Crack the nut on personal effectiveness — Create exponential results for the underdog by sharing the best principles, patterns, and practices.” Your site certainly does that and more. Would you be willing to share with us, one simple tip, someone could put into practice today to improve their personal effectiveness.

A) Sure. Here is a tip you can use to improve any day. When you start your day, ask yourself this question ... 

"What will be my three wins for today?" 

This is a simple way to write your story forward, a day at a time. Each day, you can choose the wins you want to go after. It also helps you focus, and rise above the noise. It helps you make meaning each day and take meaningful action. It also helps you find the positive opportunities, and each day is another chance ... your chance ... at bat. 

Some days will be a struggle and, your win might be just "make it through the morning", but when you are hitting your high notes, you're wins might be things like, "write the song that makes the whole world sing" or "win a raving fan" or "knock the ball out of the park" or "write the code to change the world" or "nail your problem like it's never been nailed before", etc. 

It's a simple tool to help you get your game on and flourish in the garden of life.

Q) On your site, in your about us section you state that you, ask the most successful people you know, what books, people or lessons changed their lives. My question to you is what people, what lessons and what books have changed your life?

A) I draw from a lot of sources. Aside from many people in my life, one of my most inspiring heroes was Bruce Lee. He taught me to "aim past your target" and to "absorb what is useful." The beauty of "aim past your target" is that if you fall short, you still might reach your target. The beauty of "absorb what is useful" is that it means don't get locked into one school of thought. Learn from anything and everything, and take the best parts. 

The book that's probably most significant in shaping me early on was, "The Little Engine that Could." It taught me the power of persistence, and sometimes, the most important thought I can think is simply ... 

"I think I can ... I think I can ... I think I can ... I know I can."

Q) On your site, you feature a book you wrote yourself called “Getting Results the Agile Way" , Can you tell us a little about the book and how we can get a copy of the book?

A) It's the book I wish somebody gave me when I started out in life. It's more than a book actually, it's a system. It's a simple system for meaningful results. It's everything from productivity to time management to motivation and personal excellence. It's about spending more time in your strengths and spending your time on things that light up your life. Mostly, it's about driving your life from who you want to be and what experiences you want to create. And it's the kind of system you can count on, when life throws some tough curve balls your way, and you really need a way to find your way forward. 

You can read the book for free, as well as explore the knowledge base of articles, guidelines, and checklists, and you can read stories of how other people are using the system, at Getting 

I wanted a very simple name that people could share with a friend. The printed version is on Amazon, and I'll have a Kindle and a PDF version in the future. The book itself is a little, blue, thin playbook, that feels good in your hands. I wanted it to feel empowering, like the system is on your side.

Q) On your blog, you offer a “30 Days of Getting Results Training” for free to your visitors. Can you tell us a little about this training? Why you offer it for free? And what my visitors can do to take part in the training?

A) I thought wouldn't it be neat to actually use a practice from the book, to show people the book in action. One of the practices is, "30 Day Improvement Sprints", which I ended up referring to as "Monthly Improvement Sprints." The ideas is to pick a theme for the month, and use it as a way to explore something new, or to improve something in your life. And the power is that by spending a little effort each day, it adds up to a lot.

I chose to focus on "Getting Results" because I thought it was the single most powerful thing I could give everybody to change their life in ways they couldn't possibly imagine. It's the same know-how many people have used to change their lot in life, and achieve their dreams with skill. And it's all, right at your fingertips. 

When people find it, they can't believe I did it for free. All I can say is I wanted everybody in the world to have their best chance at their best life, and these are key skills I think everybody should have to make that happen. 

To try it out, even though it's wrapped as 30 days, it's actually self-paced, so you can simply browse each lesson and go at your own pace. Each lessons includes a goal, some insight, and action steps to try it out. The simples way to get started is to visit the 30 Days of Getting Results page , and explore the individual lessons from there. 

If you only get the chance to try one lesson, check out Day 15 - Achieve a Peaceful Calm State of Mind 

Q) J.D, Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. Your blog is a source of insight and inspiration. Before we end the interview, do you have anything else you would like to share with my readers? Any final tip or advice you would like to share or any new books or products you are working on that they may be able to take advantage of?

A) Thank you for the opportunity, and for asking such insightful questions. 

Yes, in this life we're all capable of great, and amazing things. The trick is that we have to own this and figure out what we're truly capable of. And, we really only know by exploring and testing our possibilities. It's a path of growth. And the key here is courage. You have to have the courage to follow your heart, and to follow your growth, even when it's a lonely road, or easy to give up, or even doubt yourself. Which brings me to my parting advice ... 

Think the thoughts that serve you. 

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