A Collection of Short Prayers

I have gathered several short prayers that you can use in your everyday life. You will find simple prayers that are easy to remember and recite, prayers you can use at bedtime, meal time or any other time of day. Hope you enjoy them and I hope that you use them as you feel the need.

God Hear My Prayer 

short prayers

God in heaven hear my prayer, 
keep me in thy loving care.
Be my guide in all I do,
Bless all those who love me too.

Angel Blessing at Bedtime 

Angels bless and angels keep
Angels guard me while I sleep
Bless my heart and bless my home 
Bless my spirit as I roam
Guide and guard me through the night
and wake me with the morning's light.

Prayer for Protection 

Angel of God, my Guardian dear,
To whom God's love commits me here;
Ever this day, be at my side
To light and guard
To rule and guide

Prayer fot Healing

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes;
and there shall be no more death,
neither sorrow, nor crying,
neither shall there be any more pain:
for the former things are passed away.
--- Revelation 21:4 

Before Meal Prayer

Bless us, O Lord, 
and these 
Thy gifts which we are about to receive
from Thy bounty, 
through Christ, 
Our Lord, 

Every Day Prayer

Holy Jesus, every day
Keep us in the narrow way,
And when earthly things are past,
Bring our ransomed souls at last
Where they need no star to guide.
Where no clouds Thy glory hide.

Prayer for Guidance

Direct me now, O gracious Lord,
To hear aright Thy holy Word;
Assist Thy minister to preach,
And let Thy Holy Spirit teach,
And let eternal life be found
By all who hear the joyful sound.

Prayer for Forgiveness

Forgive, O Lord, for Thy dear Son
The ill that I this day have done.
That with the world, myself, and Thee
I, ere I sleep, at peace may be.

This concludes my collection of short prayers. If you know of a great prayer you would like to add to this list please do so. You can add your favorite short prayer by filling in the submission form below. Thank you.

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Bless us o Lord, and these Thy gifts , which we have recevied , from Thy Bounty . AMEN

o lord melissa Not rated yet
please protect me and keep me safe all of my life amen

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As it was in the beginning, fill our hearts with love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice.

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I love u god,I realy mean it Set me free in your power or let me be it Lord jsesus u no how I realy feel For give all my sin en bless me with gods …


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Thank you Lord,for giving us this meal.bless it before we take it and give those who don't have any. In Jesus name.AMEN.

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O loving God I Surrender my self to you. Help me in my studies and keep me away form all evil. Bless my teachers and parents

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Jesus christ,my trust i place in you, forgive all my sins, in you i find the way the truth and life. i bow to you for heavenly life . Amen

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As I lay my head tonight,  Please bless me and my lonely life,  To show my faith I pray to thee,  Lord send me comfort and company, Amen. 

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Car Dieu a etant aime le monde I'll adonne son fils unique afin qui qu'en croit en lui ne perisse point mais qu'I'll est la vie eternelle.

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O Lord, I pray to you in earnest. I pray for the sick, the dead, and the dying. Help all the animals, and all people. Help everyone get to Heaven. …

my friends Not rated yet
Prayer for Friends Lord Jesus Christ, while on earth you had close and devoted friends, such as Grace,Roger,Majoy and Joy You showed in this way …

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