Sharpshooting your Success

by Kathy Husar
(Sweet Home Chicago)

After months of job searching on the internet, I finally found a job that seemed to be the perfect fit geographically and with what I would be doing, that financially would reward me and that had full benefits.
I would help businesses grow their business through advertising.
How fun- how rewarding to both them and me it has turned out to be.

Once I survived the numerous interviews and started, I was surrounded by successful people. I have a wonderful sales manager who we call "little Tony Robbins". Him and I are constantly exchanging motivation/positive thinking/self-help ideas and quotes.

I believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to.
It might take tons of hard work. You have to set yourself apart and stand out, have courageous conversations, be unlike everyone else, never lie and truly be consultative!

I am sharpshooting clients with creative strategies and having a blast. The days go by fast and are full of exciting new things.

I've never gotten more done in one day, never been surrounded by more successful fun people, never dressed so professional, talked so professional and looked and felt so good.

I look forward to these books and all I'm confident you will encourage me to obtain because I love to read and listen to motivational, positive thinking, goal and organizational setting, etc books.
You are what you eat- you are what you read and listen to- you are what you think you are!

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