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"Interviews with positive people in the self help industry"

Learn from some of the best self help gurus in the industry. I come across a lot of amazing people in this line of work and everyone of them has their very own unique story and insights. On this page you will discover some very positive people in the self help industry and you can read interviews I have done with them.

Read through the interviews of your favorite positive people and discover new insights for yourself. Find out where these people came from, what motivates them, what they have to share and rediscover yourself through their stories.

Author of "get Motivated with Marion", 
Marion Licchillo-Lenz

Get motivated with Marion Licchiello-Lenz, author of Get Motivated with Marrion. In this interview we introduce you to a self made women capable of great things. She is a self empowerment coach, certified Biggest loser Pro and vision board coach and she doesn't just talk the talk she walks the talk. read the interview

Author of "The Positive Experiment", Elizabeth

Elizabeth, The author of the positive experiment is one dynamite gal that took on the challenge of thinking positive for one year. She shares this journey on her very unique one of a kind blog. Find out where she is in her journey in this exclusive interview. Read the interview with Elizabeth.

Author of "Sources of Insight", JD Meier

JD Meier, Author of "Sources of Insight" has a reputation for getting things done and he is a true inspiration. On his blog he shares insights from a variety of sources and in this interview he shares some of his inspiration and insights that you can put into action today to start getting results, to not just play the game of life, but to be a winner at life each and everyday. Learn more about what JD has to say.

Patricia Anaya, Author of

Patricia is one remarkable woman and her sight brainy is all about highlighting other remarkable women or (brainy woman). Her sight is full of insight and inspiration and she herself is and inspiration and she is doing BIG things so be sure to check out her interview and then head on over to her site to see what she is up to this month. Read more about Brainy Women.

Cindy Holbrook, Author of

This one of a kind interview with the author of is a must read. Cindy shares of herself without hesitation for the soul benefit that someone might be able to learn from her story and her experiences. This is an interview you won't want to miss. See what Cindy has to say.

Suzie Cheel of

Suzie Cheel of delivers an outstanding interview packed full of insights and tips for living powerfully and being the change you hope to see in the world. Suzie is extremely dynamic and is an author, speaker, law of attraction facilitator and a change warrior leader. Learn insights from Suzie Cheel

Susan McMillen of

Susan McMillin is an incredible woman, an expert on happiness and the author of Read this one of a kind interview with her and learn her success secrets for living a happy life. Plus find out what I love most about her site. Learn more about living the happy life

Christina Diaz from

Christina Diaz, author of the website and the ever popular book "From Conflict To Calm" shares her top tips for living a more positive life and shares with us her inspiration for spreading the word of positive thinking in this rare interview. Read the interview

Colin VanderMuelen from

Colin VanderMuelen, author of is one dynamic individual and he takes time out of his very busy schedual to share his top tips with us in this one of a kind interview. Get some tips

Bonnie Oudsema, creator of Magnetic vision boards

Interview with the creator of Magnetic Vision Boards and co-owner of, Bonnie Oudsema, This interview has some wonderful insights you won't want to miss. Learn all about the power behind vision boards and how you can get your own magnetic vision board.

Life coach, speaker, and author, Danea Horn

Life coach, speaker,and author Danea Horn over delivers in this one on one interview. In this interview she gives an abundance. See what her advice is to creating the most effective affirmation, what to avoid when using affirmations and how to supercharge your affirmations using vision boards. Learn more about Danea Horn

Henrik Edberg from the

Interview with the author of the, and three very powerful and positive books. See what first sparked his interest in the positive thinking arena and see what insights he has to share.

Author, speaker, and artist, Ineke Van Lint

Ineke is an amazing and talented author, speaker and artist. Learn all about her and her website the and learn a few tips she shares with us on finding your life’s purpose. There is a lot of good stuff in this interview. Don‘t miss it. Learn more

I am always searching for positive people to interview so that I may learn from them and share their unique insights with you my guests. Visit this page often, as I will be adding new interviews from some of the best self help gurus in the industry.

I am currently interviewing several people I know you would love to know about. As soon as the interviews are ready I will be adding them to this section of the website. Enjoy! And thank you.

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