Self Confidence Building Tips
"Being Confident"

When we talk about self confidence building, it is important that we first know just how confident we are in the present. Do you have a healthy self image or do you lack confidence in yourself and your abilities? Are you over confident or under confident? 

How Confident Are You?

It is important in any task in which we try to improve ourselves that we first understand where we are starting from. For this reason , before we begin talking about how you can improve your self confidence I would like to find out how confident you really are.

To find out where you stand currently I have laid out a few questions that can help you to evaluate just how confident you are right now. Once we know where we are right now we can better assess how to improve or increase our self image. Once you understand this, then you will understand how to have confidence.

  • Do you often find yourself asking for approval or opinions or do you do what you know to be right without worrying about what others think?

    If you are always looking for the approval of others your confidence may need a boost.

    If on the other hand you do what you believe to be right without the worry of what others think, then you are probably fairly confident in yourself.
  • Do you take calculated risks to improve your current situation or do you find yourself keeping with the status quo?

    If you are the type that takes calculated risks and are continually trying to push yourself then your self image is probably right where it needs to be.

    If you don’t like to try new things and you constantly stay in your own comfort zone, chances are you need to consider improving on your self image.

  • Can you accept compliment?

    Those that are confident in themselves accept compliments well while those that lack self confidence tend to dismiss compliments or downplay them by saying something like, “I just got lucky, there really wasn’t any talent involved.” If you are one of these people its probably a sign you need to work on your self image

  • Are you willing to admit to your mistakes and learn and grow from them or do you put the blame on others or try to cover up your mistakes?

    Confident people own up to there mistakes and use the knowledge they gain from making those mistakes to continue to grow.

    Those that blame there mistakes on others or try to cover up there mistakes generally have little to no confidence in themselves and rarely learn from there mistakes.

Maintain a Balance

Being confident is good, but it can be dangerous to be too confident. It is good to be humbled from time to time, in fact it is a sign that you are confident. What you want to watch for is that you do not become over confident. Here are a few signs that you may be too confident…

  • You take risks without calculating the cost of the risks involved.
  • You become so confident that you do not try hard enough to reach your goals (these people don’t think they have to try because they are just that good.)
  • You forget to give thanks for your blessings
  • You don’t think you need help. (Everyone needs help from time to time.)
  • You stop appreciating the small things in life.

Now I know this article is about self confidence building, but please don’t fall into the trap of being over confident. This can be just as damaging as not having confidence at all.

Self Confidence Building

Now that we know what confidence is and what it isn’t its time to talk about how to have confidence or how to improve on the confidence we already posses. Confidence in ones self generally comes from experience and knowledge. So it would be logical to assume that to improve our confidence we need to gain in both knowledge and experience.

How do we do that?

When we talk about self confidence building it is important that we start with baby steps. Start with small victories that can increase your self image and will propel you to higher victories. What do I mean by this? 

You don’t necessarily need to go to college to gain knowledge to be confident, but just by reading a book or doing a little research in your chosen field would give you a little more knowledge that would give you just a little more confidence in that arena. If you continue to add to that knowledge little by little, who knows what you could accomplish

You don’t need to start off as the CEO of the company, but you could shoot for just above laborer. It is true that those that start off at the lowest position in a given company tend to stay there, where those that start off slightly higher than that tend to continue to advance through the ranks.

Self confidence building does not need to be difficult. Taking on small tasks and giving yourself small victories will soon lead to bigger tasks and bigger victories. If you continue to build on those victories you will soon be the self confident person you have always dreamed yourself to be. 

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