Secrets of Creative Visualization
"why visualization is so powerful"

If you do not yet know the secrets of creative visualization or you're asking the question how does visualization work, please keep reading. On this page you will discover the secrets associated with visualization and why visualization is important. If you do not already use creative visualization here are the top reasons you should.

Calling on the Universe to manifest our desires

When we visualize we are accessing the universal power and putting it into use in our lives. By doing this we are calling on the universe and all universal energies to start manifesting our desires. This is achieved because we are using the most powerful tool in the universe, our minds.

When we visualize we quite our minds and focus on and begin to “see” that which we desire. When we do this we are clearing the barriers of our everyday thoughts. We are focusing on the positive (the things we want), and shutting out the negatives (the things we don’t want). When we do this we invoke the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction. 

Another important thing to know is that visualization and belief are directly connected. By visualizing something our minds see it as so. Our minds do not know the difference between what we visualize and what we are actually experiencing. Because of this our mind sees our visualization as real and begins the work to create it on this plane.

It is important to note that as powerful as our mind is. It can not tell the difference between what we see in the real world and what we see in our imagination. It is all in how we interpret what we see. It is all in what we tell our minds to believe to be truth. Have you ever heard the saying that everyone’s truth is different. 

The Truth

When police interview several eye witnesses to a crime they will come up with as many different descriptions as there are witnesses, because everyone of those witnesses saw something different. It does not make one of them more truthful than another, it’s just because they saw different things. 

Have you ever argued with someone over the color of something. Neither one of you are right or wrong. You may see yellow where someone else sees orange. Yellow is your truth and orange is their’s. Because of this your mind see’s yellow because that is what you believe so that is what you are telling your mind to believe.

So, in fact, the real secrets of creative visualization is in what you tell your mind to believe to be true or what you have conditioned your mind to believe to be true. The mind is very powerful, but it is important to remember that we are the ones that feed that power.

These are the real secrets of creative visualization, this is why creative visualization works. The reason why some people are more successful at it than others is, because they have more discipline in training their minds to believe what they want it to believe.

Ok. now you now why you should visualize something, now lets learn how to visualize something, just follow the link to learn step by step how to visualize anything.

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