Pump Up Your Heart

by Kerry
(Reston, VA)



One of my favorite quotes from Mother Teresa is, “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” This quote fits well with the story about my son Blaine. Recently, he had a rough day at school in which he was angry all day.

The next morning, as he always does, Blaine came in my office and crawled into my lap. I typically give him a hug, kiss and rub his back a little until he gets down. I was rubbing his back, when it came to me. I started rubbing his heart. I told him how much love he had in there and I could feel the love. I suggested that he should share that love with his friends and teachers at school. I had no idea if that would work…..

I picked Blaine up from school and his teacher, said I am not sure what happened but Blaine was completely different today as he told us of the love he had in his heart to share with us.

I continue to talk to both Audrey and Blaine about the love in their hearts and to always choose love over hate. A good friend of mine suggested making it a game and now we pump up the love in all of our hearts on a daily basis. Blaine tells me and pulls his shirt down to show me without encouragement many days that he has lots of love in his heart, which makes my heart melt in so many ways! This is healthy living at its best. Imagine the consequences of living your life with that kind of attitude at such an early age?

This example shows you can turn a situation around just by using love. Loving versus hating is a way to truly make you believe that all is awesome.

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Jun 01, 2011
thank you
by: Bonnidette (admin)

Your story about your son really touched and moved me and I wanted to thank you for sharing. I love the thought of pumping up your heart. I think I will be useing this technique. Thank you.

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