Prosperity Affirmations

Prosperity affirmations are one tool, that like any other tool when used correctly can help make your job easier. Browse the list of affirmations for prosperity below, pick out one or two that resonates with you, write them down on paper and commit to reciting them every day for at least 30 days and watch what happens. I promise it will make a difference. Make the commitment, put some feeling behind the words and prosperity will start to show itself to you.

“Any person who contributes to prosperity must prosper in turn.” 
~Earl Nightingale

List of Affirmations for Prosperity

  • I am grateful for the prosperity that flows to me daily.
  • I see myself Prosperous and that is who I am.
  • Prosperity surrounds me and I share it freely with the world
  • I give freely from my prosperity
  • My life overflows with abundance and prosperity
  • Prosperity is abundant in my life
  • My prosperity grows more and more every day.
  • I deserve to have financial abundance and prosperity in my life now
  • My actions draw prosperity to me in all that I do.
  • The Lord gives me more than I need and I am grateful.
  • I am easily and openly accepting the prosperity that is inherently mine.
  • I live in prosperity.
  • I am now claiming the prosperity and wealth that is rightfully mine.
  • I create wealth and prosperity easily and effortlessly.
  • My prosperity is limitless.
  • I expect wealth, abundance, wealth and prosperity in my life everyday.
  • Prosperity comes easily to me.
  • I choose to be financially prosperous in my life.
  • I have unlimited prosperity
  • I am grateful for my over abundant prosperity.
  • Prosperity allows me the freedom to do as I wish
  • I am passionate about building a life of prosperity.
  • Being prosperous is my birthright. And I claim it now.
  • I am prosperous in all areas of my life.
  • Prosperity is flowing to me now.
  • Abundant prosperity is naturally attracted to me
  • I am abundantly prosperous 
  • Prosperity is abundant in my life
  • Prosperity is abundantly mine
  • I live in prosperity and abundance.
  • Prosperity flows abundantly into my life
  • I welcome the prosperity that is inherently mine.
  • I naturally attract prosperity and wealth into my life.
  • I have great prosperity and share it freely with those around me.
  • Everything I touch returns prosperously to me.
  • I enjoy prosperity in all areas of my life
  • I am prosperous and happy
  • I give thanks that the prosperity which is mine by desgin and pours in and piles up under grace in perfect ways.
  • I have prosperity in all that I do
  • My career path is prosperous
  • Abundance and prosperity are my birthright and I accept it with open arms.
  • Prosperity and abundance are in my blood.
  • I surround myself with prosperity
  • I am prosperous in my faith
  • Prosperity and joy flow freely in my life
  • Prosperity is naturally mine
  • Prosperity is attracted to me
  • I attract prosperity in all that I am and do

When reciting prosperity affirmations it is important to choose the affirmation for prosperity that resonated most with you. Say the above affirmations aloud and when one "feels" right , then you know that it is the “right” affirmation for you.

If you have discovered a prosperity affirmation that works for you, please share it in the comment box below to help inspire others.

Also, remember when reciting affirmations put some feeling into it. This makes all the difference in the world. Our emotions are powerful tools themselves.

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