Prayer Was Taught To Me

by Melissa
(Pascagoula, MS)

The power of prayer is almighty. One truly becomes blessed when a relationship with one's maker is on going. Staying postive and listening to the "GOOD" voice within guides me toward a path that is glorified by Him. As a child I was given the scripture "ask and it will be given". I did not know how that worked but I knew I had to pray for it because my parents were very conservative. Nothing was ever just given to me. I prayed and went toward that path of action I had to take to get it. Some how I knew discipline and obedience. My guidance came from within from "The Holy Spirit". Most was teachings from my Bible that I applied to every situation in my life. But i also believed that His Word was script on my heart. I listened and took a chance when oppurtunity came my way. God gives what I have prayed for and longed for in my life. It is directed intention that gives me my desires and success. I give thanks for all God's people that He brings to my path. We all play a role for each others growth. I grow more and more daily. I do have daily lessons that occur. We all have lesson of life every day! My story is a bit vague about my material things, because, actually, all this is beyond material items!

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