Positivity saves a broken heart

MY HEIGHT OF POSITIVITY Love, the most beautiful feeling in the world, happened to me one fine day. Yes, i was in love, not a one-off, one-night, temporary love....what I felt was true...unadulterated...irrational...pure...pure love. In spite of being quite outspoken, I could not express my love in words for a long long time. That probably was a mistake. Probably not.

One fine day- Valentines Day it was- I decided to propose the person I wanted to marry & live happily with ever after. I did so. Yes, I did it. And.....well, the answer was a clear NO...which shattered all that I had.....my dreams, my hopes, my prayers & well, my faith in God. But, this was not the end of my life, I thought that day, in the evening.

Other thoughts that fortunately entered my mind were- 'God has given me this because I am strong enough to handle it. And if He thinks I will get bogged down by this, He is wrong. I will not. I am going to handle this with a twist....yes....I will deal with it heads-on...I am going to ENJOY this pain.

Positivity will be proud of me today. Destiny thinks she has given me the gift of rejection today and she is wrong. I have given myself a bigger gift....gift of acceptance...gift of positivity. Today is VALENTINE'S DAY & I love me.'

Today, one year later, I am married to someone else & I AM HAPPY. Yes, happy because I have chosen to be happy. Of course there are periodic 'attacks' when I remember my past & feel miserable but that's manageable. I still love that person. Period. My feelings are mine & I am going to rule them & not vice-versa.

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