positively taken journey

by deliwe
(pretoria, south arfica)

I started reading the secret while facing problems in my life. The lessons i got help make a difference in my life in that i started believing in my self and seeing myself as being worthy of being happy and fulfilled.
my first step was to acknowledge the creator and the power of positive thinking.I STARTED BEING GRATEFUL FOR ALL THE THINGS I ASKED FOR AND GOT.I realized that the universe is just ready to give if I ask.
I then enrolled for my honors degree with university of Pretoria,I was selected and my life blossomed. I believed AND i PASSED ALL MY COURSES .As of now I have applied for my Masters Program and still have to go to the selection process,which I know is just a formality I am going to be amongst the selected people.
Positive thinking has made such an unbelievable person THE UNIVERSE IS MY PLAY GROUND.

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