Positive Thinking

by Krissi

For a number of years I had struggled to lose weight, battled with depression and also suffered from bad dental implants after surgery. All of this stemmed from an accident on my honeymoon. I was introduced by a good friend to the law of attraction and with his help I started to train my mind to have more positive thoughts.

I decided to start visualizing the results of my teeth as this was the thing making me miserable. Whilst I haven't had the surgery, through a mutual friend, i have started a new business opportunity and one of the products is a tooth whitener paste which also works on other dental issues.

I smile now without holding a hand in front of my mouth. Even though my teeth are not repaired as yet, they look and feel better. I feel better because I am smiling. I wanted new friends and a wider social circle and this business has done this as well as providing me with an opportunity to lose weight on some products that I am now promoting to my new friends.

The business is reaping rewards and I know I will have the money to replace my implants.

I had always been skeptical about things like this, and with the depression, I was constantly giving myself a but or an excuse to not do things. Now I know that the depression was just negative thinking and feeling sorry for myself. Simply by changing the way I look at things, I feel better and am off medication for the first time in 5 years.

Honestly the only thing that I still struggle with is that I invited the accident to happen. I was dreading my family kicking off at the event but that did not happen, so I have to accept that this was the universes way of manifesting my fears in other areas that I am not aware of.

Whilst I am not completely there yet - I know if I keep telling myself and the universe that I accept everything that has happened it will be so, allowing me to move on to bigger and better things

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