positive thinking without even knowing it

by Tony P.
(Fall River,MA)

my whole life has been good. I look back and see all that has happened and I am grateful. as I get older I wondered why my life never seem to have the problems that everyone else always talked about. why was my life so good? did I really never have any issues to complain about? then I realized that my life has been no different than anyone else's. If I wanted to I could look back and find things to be upset about or disappointed with but when they were occurring in my life I just seemed to roll with it and always felt it would be alright. I realized that I always had a positive attitude and that the energy that I was putting out was coming back to me. funny thing is that in my youth I was just living it and didn't even know what it was all about. it has made me realize that we don't have to be older or go thru some traumatic or dramatic event to become aware of the value of our lives and the truth that we are all ok and will always be ok. we can know it and live it at a young age and experience it for the rest of lives. wisdom does not have to only come with age, it can come with the awareness that life is good and we are all connected to each other and a divine spirit that guides us. we can come to that understanding at a young age and in doing so free ourselves from the beliefe that we have to suffer, struggle or be unhappy before we can enjoy life. but all of it begins with a single thought, which develops our believe, which determines our attitude, which causes us to act the way we do. so I guess I am grateful that my whole life from youth to right now has been filled with good thoughts and those thoughts have guided my life even when I didn't realize it.

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Jun 01, 2011
thank you
by: Bonnidette (admin)

Attitude really is everything. How great is it that when we have a positive outlook on life that it appears that life is good and when we have a negative outlook it appears that life is not good.

My wish is that all young people are raised in an enviroment of positivity so that they may grow up much like you and say life is good because it is.

Thank you for sharing

May 22, 2011
by: Themindwhisperer.net

It doesn’t matter how good you are, how good things are flowing for you, what skills you have, what you have achieved in the past. Problems are going to come up.

Problems are part of life and we all have them. It is part of what expands us to greatness.  

Being positive changes everything....

Greatfulness even more.....

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