Positive Thinking Persistently, Prevails

by Jessie Bray
(California )

A couple years ago i was diagnosed with mrsa .. a rare virus that i had no clue about until i got it, it was just a bump on my face & i was prone to acne so i didn't think nothing of it until i woke up the next morning & my face was swollen & puffy.. that's when i knew i had to check into the hospital by yesterday so my dad took me in with no hesitation, the doctor sat me down after making me wait for a short time & subtly told me that i had mrsa & if i would have popped
this so called "bump" it would have spread to other places
& killed me .. i thought to myself "it's just a bump, how
could it be deadly?". Before i left the office he prescribed me with some pills & i told myself over & over again that im gonna beat this virus it won't beat me! i was determined to get healed & get on with my life. I started visualizing this bump shrinking on my face, i started dreaming that i woke up & it was gone, i kept telling myself that mrsa will NOT triumph over me & i knew that God wouldn't take me away unless he needed me more. My mrsa lasted about a week & before i knew it, the virus had POOF! disappeared like it never existed & i know if i would have been thinking negative, i would have gotten some negative results.

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