Positive Thinking is Contagious

by Rebecca
(Joplin, MO)

When I think about someone who was always positive, I think about a sales person who always stopped by the office I worked in at the time. He was always positive that today would be the day he would get to meet the big boss. He never showed his disappointment. He was always enthusiastic and got to know everyone else in the office. No matter what fire you were trying to put out, you couldn't help but smile when you saw his smile come through the door. The big boss would never return his calls and would never set an appointment with him. You couldn't help but feel sorry for him so we all eventually became his internal cheerleaders and encouraged the boss to at least give him 20 minutes. The DIVA boss eventually agreed to give him 15 minutes. That 15 minutes was enough for him to share his positive attitude and his positive outlook on how he could help her and her department as well as the entire company with his mass media. His positive thinking was contagious as well as his enthusiasm. Not only did she obviously like his positive attitude, but she was smitten with his smile. The sales rep that she had put off meeting for nearly a year became her husband in less than a year. They now have two children as well. All because he stayed positive time after time, never giving up. He always had a positive smile and it payed off.

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