Positive Thinking finding the good in your life as it is now.

by john william northam
(hamilton alabama)

I was thinking about how some people say I could be happy of I had a big house, better job whatever.

Is there a way to be happy with your life as it is now? Without wanting some fantasy that may never happen? I think there is.

I could make a Gratitude list of ever aspect in my life I thought. Maybe, it'd help me like my life a bit better.

Like my1. Apartment is really small but,It does have good qualitys:

1. It keeps me warm in the winter and Cool in the summer

2. It has all my stuff in it my books, computer, and food in the frigerator,

3. I like the way I decorated it it looks good it has dreamcatchers and other pretty stuff i'v collected over the years on my wall.

4. A small apartment is easy to clean too for a busy person like me.

2.My Job has it's aggrivations like any other but:

1. It pays my bills

2. puts food on my table

3. pays for books i order, pays for vacations i take, and Any other fun thing i might do.

3. Let's list some things I have in my life that's good:

1. my mom is good she's helpful
2. My freinds accept me as I am, are helpful and are intersting to talk too

3. My chihuahua is cute, fun never dull and Let's me know everything that goes on outside

4. I got enough money for food and To have power,water,cable,internet and Everything I need.

I think I could come up with more but, I think i'll stop here. I feel better just listing this much.

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