Positive Attitude Information
Do you have a positive attitude?

The positive attitude information on this page is designed to help you discover if your attitude is positive or negative and how to shift the balance from negative to positive.

Let me ask you, do you have a positive attitude or a negative attitude?

Well, let’s find out, shall we.

  • Do you curse the couch when you stub your toe?
  • Do you sometimes get headaches?
  • Are you competitive?
  • Do you sometimes raise your voice when you are standing up for yourself?
  • Do you send your child to their room when they misbehave?

Don’t get freaked out. This isn’t one of those, if you answered yes to one or more of these questions kind of tests. The truth is, everything above is normal, however when seen by an outsider without anything else to go by, they sometimes assume you have a bad attitude. 

Don’t listen to those people. They’re idiots.(Perhaps they should read this article, on positive attitude information as well.)

These things alone do not give you a bad attitude. What you need to ask yourself is, do you curse the couch for thirty minutes and then kick it to tell it who’s the boss? If the answer is yes, then yeah you might have a bad attitude.

If you get constant headaches because you are always upset about something, then chances are you have a bad attitude. Getting upset is not a crime, but if you are always upset, well that’s a sign you need to pay attention to.

Being competitive is a good thing. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, because they would be wrong. What you have to watch for, is when your competition wins and you call them a cheat or insist that they had advantages you didn’t. If you win, great. If not, get over it already! If you can’t, guess what. You just might have a bad attitude!

Standing up for yourself is a part of life and if you don’t do it, people will walk all over you. If, however you have to plow over the top of someone else to make yourself feel better or you are always screaming so that you can be heard, then yeah, you have a bad attitude!

You better be doing something when your kids are misbehaving. If you don’t, they will turn into those ungrateful little brats who think the world owes them something. What you have to watch for is, does everything your child do aggravate you? Are you always punishing them? This is when there’s a problem… and you guessed it. It’s probably not them, it’s your negative attitude!

So, how’s that for positive attitude information? Wait a minute, we only talked about negative attitudes. 

So what are the signs of a positive attitude?

It is important to understand what a negative attitude is, but what are some signs of a positive attitude? 

 10 signs you have a good attitude.

  1. You smile at strangers on the street. Even if it’s just sometimes.
  2. You smile when you happen to catch the sunrise, instead of coursing the fact that you are up so early.
  3. You’re happy to see the kids when you get home from work and not wishing you where still at work
  4. You congratulate others on their achievements, and mean it!
  5. You open the door for strangers because it makes you feel good.
  6. You are grateful for the things in your life.
  7. When the lines are long, you enjoy reading the magazines on the rack and striking up conversations with strangers rather than huff and puff (yeah, like that does any good anyway!)
  8. If you leave even a small tip when your waitress sucks (face it we all have bad days!)
  9. The little things make you happy (you know, like clean sheets.)
  10. When you help a customer at work that asks for assistance, instead of saying sorry that’s not my job.(seriously, do you think they care if it’s in your job description or not and does it really make you feel good to say it?)

O.K. So that should wrap up the positive attitude information portion of this page. Hope you enjoyed!

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