On my way...

by Monique shropshire

I've read so many uplifting stories and people journeys of how they had success from positive thinking. I don't like to bring it up but , I lost my job last year the only source of income I had .

Luckily my boyfriend was already on unemployment but pretty much I just really been down in the dumps every since. Interview after interview I had no results . After I had a pep talk with my mom one day she told me its something I'm doing in my life that keeps holding me back from success or getting this job.

I didn't know why she said that but soon I realized maybe it is something im doing , I mean, it does make since. I read an article on "helene Hadsell" yesterday. Very amazing lady . I read about her success an how she achieved it by uplifting herself through positive thinking.

She never had any doubts . I was so uplifted when reading about this woman , and I thought to myself WOW maybe that's what's holding me back. Negative thinking . It had got to the point where I couldn't control it . I am so thankful that I found that article and this website. I will be using this technique everyday.

I mean after all I'm only 21! I can't live my life miserably ! This is my prime and I am going to enjoy it!

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