No I won't Go

by Elvira
(Katy, Texas)

Me 43 and Cancer Free

Me 43 and Cancer Free

Five years ago I received the most devasting news a woman of 38 can receive "you have cancer". As shocked as I was by the diagnosis. My first thought was not woe is me, or God why me? My first thought was in that first second was "I am not going to die". At 38 I had breast cancer.

My life was not easy at the time. I was the married Mother of two young children seven and two at the time. My Husband was not supportive and was verbally abusive to me a and my seven year old who was not his biological Dad. I was struggling financially and working at the county courthouse.

The night before my mastectomy my Husband for whatever reason got mad at me and informed me that he was not going to take care of my children. Thank God for my older Sister Maria and my Mother. They took care of my children so that I could go into surgery at peace and no worries. My Sister would take my son every morning and pick him up every afternoon while working full time herself. She live in one county and my son went to school in another county. It was a 2 hour commute.

I ended up having seven surgeries where I they removed my breast. I followed it up with almost weekly chemotherapy treatments while working full time. Through out my numerous hospital stays, convalacence, and treatments I remained positive. It never entered my mind that I was not cancer free. I did not allow any negative thoughts to take over. I feel as if I have never been so positive in all my life. I am grateful to God and my guardian angels for giving me such a positive outlook at what could have been a dark time in my life.

I am glad to say that I am cancer free five years later. I am now a single Mom. I am forever grateful for my wonderful family.

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