New Home & Office Manifestation by Vision-Boarding

by Vee
(South Africa)

New Home Vision Board

New Home Vision Board

New Home Vision Board
New Office Vision Board

My husband and I are firm believers in positive thinking and the law of attraction with its many tools and techniques.

We found the perfect property with two houses on it that we wanted to buy for our home and office. I immediately created vision boards with the images from the property website - I will post those.

Even though there have been hick-ups along the way, we kept believing that these houses are ours and that everything will happen at the right time.

We are now in the final stages of the purchase and are super excited to be moving into the new houses in Feb 2012!

All along we are so deeply grateful for the current house and space we are living in, as it is serving us well and really is a wonderful home-office for us!

I hope this story encourages you to use vision boards - have fun while creating them, display them where you and others can see them, and hold on to the belief that your dream will manifest at the right time! Happy manifesting!

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