My thoughts changed my life

by Alan

I used to be a rebel,{still I'm lol} Not a real people person,not very confident with people outside of my circle.About 20 yrs ago I got introduced to a Network Marketing Company,didn't do so well with the company,but it was the books that I got introduced to,that had a profound effect on my life.

I used to work in the building industry,a few years later after going through these positive books,I decided to have a major career change & worked in sales & worked my way up to manager role in several companies.But the funny thing is if you had said or mentioned that I will be working in sales,I would have just laughed.

I have had some major set backs over the last few years,but with positive thinking,goal setting,being grateful in what I do have,I know without a shadow of doubt I will be back bigger & stronger,but for me success is not just about the money.Its about what the money can do to serve others & having the time & freedom to participate in meaningful projects.I really appreciate this site & all the fantastic information you provide.Thanks Alan

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