My Son

by Christina
(Casa Grande, Az USA)

My name is Christina. A few years ago I was driving into Phoenix to the Children"s Hospital to be with my son who was staying at the hopistal for one of his many chemo treatments. It was an amazing day because of so many reasons. My heart was breaking for what my son was having to go through. I was drowning in helplessness, anger, fear and a feeling that there is no name for because it goeas beyond anything you every felt. The tear came pouring down my face just like the rain outside. I did not know what to do, think or feel. I was drained then I said to GOd Help me please this is more than I can bare, help me, I need to know that everything is going to be right, Please God take all this and help me. The most amazing thing happened. The rain stop the sky parted to let sun beams shine down and then I was calm. I knew in that second no matter what happened that everything was going to be alright. I did not know how but I knew no matter what happened my son will be alright. Best case he survives and live a full life and if not I knew he would be at peace in heaven. My son made it for 9 months and in that time I saw several miracle happen in him and I know that he will never suffer again. It is through pray and faith that I am at peace that I will see my son again, for one day all loved ones go home.

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