My Lost Car Key

by Omar

I believe in God. I always trust Him especially when I am in deep need for help. This believe always give me strength and hope I always need. At the moment, I am writing these lines I can feel His Presence and Blessings. I would like to mention a confirmation story about how positive thinking about God will sustain us. Few days back while at work I could not find my car key. It is almost late and searched every place that I visited and not visited, but could not succeed. At the end, I took a taxi back home, with the hope to search again tomorrow and find it. The next day I too could not find it; of course, I told my colleques about it. A friend of mine told how cool you are while your car key is still missed!! That was the beginning of the week end. Next week first after noon, I entered to that friend's office and was astonished to see the key on the small tea table in front of his desk. I picked up the key and showed it to him and said with a surprised tone, look here's the key. He said you are joking, this is the spare key. I said NO (loud) I am sure this is the lost key and you can hold it tight, and I'll go to my office and bring the spare key. When he saw the other key, he said it is you who put this key here, (he was afraid that I will accuse him). I said no. I did not think about anything like that, what all important to me is that I found the key, and believe me when I park my car this morning I have a strong feeling that I will find it today. End of story.
What I want to say that since the moment I lost the key, I was sure I will find it. The feeling was stronger on the day I found it. That positive thinking about God and His Kindness always supports me.

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