by zeita

1 my partner keith
2 my kids
3 my dad
4 my mam
5 my sisters
6 my good friends
7 my home
8 that im clean
9 that i have no illness
10 that i can get up in the mornings carefree
11 that i have a beliefe in my life of a higher poewr
12 that i have everything i need and i dont go hungry
13 my lil pet canary
14 that i can cook
15 that i can do almost anything around the house myself and im not dependant on anyone to do it for me
16 the support i have in my life
17 that i am learning more about myself everyday
18 that i can accept myself the way that i am
19 my bills are paid each week
20 i have a simple lifestyle hassel free
21 the smell of freshly clean sheets
22 my tv
23 my phone
24 my radio and i pod
25 my clothes

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